MiARD paper on the outflow from comet 67P

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The latest publication from the MiARD project has just been published in the journal Icarus.

On deviations from free-radial outflow in the inner coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko concerns the way material is transported away from the comet, and compares observations made with the OSIRIS camera to theoretical models of the outflow; the agreement between the models and the observations is good. At the time of writing this paper, the lead author, Selina-Barbara Gerig, was a masters student in the Planetary Imaging Group at the University of Bern. She is now pursuing a PhD, stil at the University of Bern.

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VR model of comet 67P with 1 m resolution

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The MiARD project has made public a virtual reality viewer (for use with Oculus Rift headsets) that shows off the high resolution shape model of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko derived by the project. The viewer (with slightly downsized shape model) can be downloaded from the project’s Publications and Downloads page. An option allows the geographical regions identified by Thomas et al (2015) Science 347(6220) aaa440-1 – aaa0440-6 to be shown.

Comet 67P model

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Royal Astronomical Society meeting

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The Royal Astronomical Society will host a meeting with the title From the Outer to the Inner Solar system: The Origin and Evolution of Comets on 9th February at Burlington House in London, UK. Attendance is free.

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Women in planetary science (WPSE 2018)

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The 2017 European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) is currently taking place in Latvia, and includes a programme group about ‘Small bodies’ with several sessions relevant to comets and the Rosetta mission, in particular SB3 ‘What do we know and what don’t we know following the cessation of the operational phase of the Rosetta mission’.

This seems like a good time to point out that the first conference on ‘Women in planetary science and exploration’ WPSE 2018 will take place next February in Toronto. The abstract deadline is 1st November 2017. The aim of the conference is to highlight ‘the achievements of female, non-binary, and female identifying researchers, while offering an opportunity to discuss, challenge, network, and support their peers‘, and students of law, history and commercial space exploitation are also welcome.

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